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20th January 2020Posted by: admin

POWA index Football Rankings vs Deloitte Football Money League

-Most Powerful Sponsorship Platforms in Club Football Revealed by POWA Index-

DataPOWA Ltd, the AI technology firm delivering POWA index, has today released a list of the 20 most powerful club football sponsorship properties as ranked by POWA index, as a contrast to the recently released Deloitte Football Money League. The Deloitte list is ranked by annual revenue whereas POWA index measures the most powerful sponsorship platforms in club football.

  • Both POWA index & Deloitte has the two Spanish giants, Barca and Real Madrid, at the top of the rankings, followed by Manchester United
  • The Football Money League has representatives from LaLiga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, and Serie A
  • POWA index Top 20 spans eight countries, the five as per the Money League, four from Brazil’s Brasileirão league, three from Turkey’s Süper Lig and one from Superliga Argentina
  • The Premier League has the most representatives in each list, eight in the Money League, and six in the POWA index
  • POWA index shows that Bayern Munich, Manchester City & Tottenham Hotspur all ‘punched above their weight’ from a financial perspective in 2019
  • Whilst the Deloitte Top 20 shows a 4x revenue differential between top club, Barcelona, and 20th position; the POWA index shows a bigger ‘POWA’ gap of almost 7x between top and 20th
  • POWA index highlights the future potential of South American clubs

DataPOWA’s C.E.O., Michael Flynn, said:Not only are the top three football clubs the most powerful sports marketing platforms and the most successful from a revenue perspective, POWA index also identifies them as the top three club sponsorship platforms across all sports globally. Only the NBA, a governing body, is seen to have an average yearly POWA score that is just ahead of the two LaLiga teams. The inclusion of five South American and the three big Turkish teams highlights the importance of football globally, and the opportunities for brands outside of the biggest leagues.”



Graphic: (also available as hi res .pdf and .png files)



Stephen O’Malley, DataPOWA Ltd

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Notes to Editors

  1. POWA index offers global and country-specific data, for the data and rankings covered in this release, POWA index has used global data.
  2. A .JPG graphic is included in this release – a high resolution .pdf or .png version is available on request.


About DataPOWA Ltd

DataPOWA is a business offering specialist marketing and data services to sports rights holders, brands and agencies. In November 2018 it launched AI software POWA index, a measurement of power, AI valuation, prediction, and ranking system.


About POWA index

POWA index has data from over 3,000 teams, leagues, and events from around the globe. POWA index is a data-driven, real-time sports sponsorship valuation engine, providing a transparent view of the market by incorporating traditional media, social, digital and fan platforms.

  • Rights-holders can benchmark against competitors and identify how to maximise their income from sponsorship properties.
  • Brands/sponsors are able to negotiate better sponsorship deals.
  • Agencies can understand which properties afford the most value for their clients, saving considerable time and existing resource costs.
  • Media can track all events/leagues/teams covered and identify trends in sports.

POWA index is continuously analysing over 2.4 trillion data points a day, across 60 unique data sets. These inputs create a POWA index score composition. In addition, they act as our signals for the sponsorship property valuation, allowing our clients an unbiased understanding of the potential value of any sponsorship.


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